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Special Education Services

Notice of Special Education Service


(Public Awareness and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

Educational Programs and Services for Students with Special Needs:

The Blue Mountain School District, in conjunction with the Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29, provides a free appropriate public education to students with special educational needs. The comprehensive programs and services provided include the following all at no cost to the parent or guardian.

  1. Identification procedures which include screening as well as in-depth, comprehensive educational evaluations.

  2. Provision of Individual Education Plans (IEP), based on the student's eligibility, which are designed to yield meaningful educational benefits and progress for the individual student within the schools curriculum.

  3. Related services, such as occupational and physical therapy, based on an identified need in order for the student to make meaningful progress in his/her individual educational plan.

  4. Related aids, services or accommodations for students identified as "Protected Handicapped" in order for them to participate in and obtain benefits from the school's educational program.

  5. Preschool programs and services for children, age 3 through 5, which include screening evaluations, programs, related services, parent consultation and referral to community agencies.


Anyone with questions regarding programs and/or services for eligible students with special needs or thought to be exceptional students may contact:

Dr. Tyler E. Herman, Director of Pupil Services

685 Red Dale Road, P.O. Box 188

Orwigsburg, PA  17961

(570) 366-0515, Ext. 1025

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