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Middle School Student Council

2023-2024 Elected Officers

Cohen Kirby, President

Luciano Keck, Vice President

Kevin Frederick, Secretary

Emily Leonard, Treasurer

Evan Bixler, Member at Large

The goals of the BMMS Student Council are:

  1. to stimulate the cooperation between the students and faculty

  2. to promote school spirit by more participation in school activities

  3. to help develop better citizens


What does the Student Council do for BMMS?

Each year, the members of Student Council dedicate a great deal of time to the school. Whether the activity at hand promotes school spirit or serves as a community project, the members give 100%. Here are some projects and activities of the student council:

  • Student of the Month Five Star Awards

  • The Galore Cart (the school store)

  • The Holiday Food Drive

  • Teacher Holiday Gift

  • Various fund raising activities

  • 8th Grade Dance

  • Hall Patrol and Morning Announcements


How can you become a member of the Student Council?

Two representatives are elected from each homeroom. To be elected, the homeroom teacher must approve a candidate. After a student submits a signed petition and an essay, the principal must approve them. Students who have received detention within the school year or a previous suspension may not become members. Finally, each homeroom votes to elect the two representatives.

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