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Honors American History I Summer Reading List

February 2023

Dear students,

   In preparation for the Honors American History I (Advanced Placement) course for ninth grade, you are required to complete the assignments described below.


   The first chapter of our textbook has been placed online (see link below) for you to read.  You are to complete a hand written outline of the chapter (not typed) and complete the exercises listed below.  This assignment will allow you to become familiar with the college level textbook we will be using in class.  Due to the demands of this class, you will need to stay up with your readings throughout the school year.  When you return from the summer, we will complete an assessment within the first two weeks of school - which relates to this assignment. Enjoy your summer!

I.  Main Assignment: Read/Outline Chapter 1 of America’s History – pages  6-36.


This outline should include all major points of the chapter, should be hand written, and should be no less than five (5) pages long.

II. Complete the “Thinking Like a Historian” activity on pages 26, 27

-      Answer questions 1-3.

III. Complete the “American Voices” activity on pages 32, 33.

-      Answer questions 1-3.

These assignments (I, II & III) should be completed for the 1st day of class.

Mr. Dobrolsky

Chapter 1 Part 1                   Chapter 1 Part 2

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