Sealed bids will be received by the Blue Mountain School District until 12:00 o’clock noon, Thursday,
June 11, 2020 for the following:


  1. Trash collection for 2020-2022 school years.


Specifications and instructions to bidders may be obtained from the office of the Director of Facilities, Blue Mountain School District, 685 Red Dale Road, Orwigsburg, PA  17961, or by clicking on the link below, or by email at

Requesting Use of School Facilities

All organizations please note:  No facility is secured by any group until a permit is issued.


Please be advised the district no longer accepts paper requests for use of our facilities. The new online process for all facility use requests is called rSchoolToday.

The first step in the process is to register to be approved as a "client/requester" by visiting the rSchoolToday portal below to set up your organization with a user name and password. For organizations, such as PTOs & Booster Clubs, requests will only be accepted by one individual assigned by the president of the organization. Each year, new presidents of such organizations should update the organization’s profile or create a new one.

Once your organization is approved as a "client"/requester, you will receive an e-mail from rSchoolToday (fs-notifications) which will include a link to enable you to request dates for your event(s).

Procedures for the online request process for use of school facilities:

Please allow enough lead time (30 days minimum) for this process to take place:

  1. Please complete all information on the online application, such as set-up notes (include equipment needs here), and set-up and/or tear-down time (if applicable).

  2. Obtain and provide a Certificate of Insurance with an expiration date (see below for requirements). Certificate can be uploaded to online request form.

  3. Separate requests must be made if your event is taking place in multiple buildings. Separate requests must be made for different events (i.e., banquet and team practice requests cannot be one the same request).

  4. Final approval is required before the event may take place. If you are approved as a client, this does not mean your event is approved. If your facilities request is approved, you will receive a permit number and invoice (if applicable).

  5. Payment, if applicable, must be received prior to the event taking place. Checks must be made payable to Blue Mountain School District and sent to: 685 Red Dale Rd. Orwigsburg, PA 17961 Attn: Facilities


Important Notes

Your group or organization may be asked to reschedule your event or relocate to a different building based on the needs of the school district; should extenuating circumstances arise. School district events always have priority.

On the date(s) of your event, your organization will be responsible for custodial overtime charges and additional custodial clean-up or outdoor/grounds fees may be charged, if required, as determined by a Blue Mountain School District representative.

​If you wish to rent our High School auditorium, organizations are not permitted to use our stage lights or sound system without a district-employed technician to operate it. Fees for this will be added to your total invoice and should be included in “other needs” and “set up” when you complete the request form.

The High School “new” gymnasium is not available for rent.

Facilities are not available for use on Sundays by external requesters.

There is NO SMOKING allowed in any school buildings or any school property.


Insurance Requirements

Each user shall present evidence of the purchase of organizational liability insurance with each request, stating dates, times and name of school locations, a Certificate of Insurance naming Blue Mountain School District as additional insured, in limits of at least $1,000,000 for each occurrence. Users shall be financially liable for damage to the facilities and for proper chaperonage as required by the school district administration.

Failure to comply with the above directions will mean that your insurance certificate will be returned to you, thus causing a delay for approval of the event. 

Emergency Procedure Information

It is the responsibility of each user to familiarize themselves with the facility at which they will be holding their event. This familiarization shall include but not be limited to: identification and knowledge of the entrances to the facility, review of the location of the exits both in the location being used and the location as a whole; consideration of an exit plan for the user’s staff & participants in case of emergency, location of AEDs within the facility, general parking, handicapped parking, loading areas, etc.

Questions regarding the online application process or fees should be addressed to Jill Kulbitsky:, 570-366-0515 Ext. 1064.

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