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Elementary East Guidance Services

Our Guidance responsibilities include seeing your child individually, in small group settings, and in classroom activities. Classroom activities include – drug and alcohol awareness, social instruction, decision making, and conflict resolution. We coordinate a Peer Mediation and Safety Patrol Program in grades four and five.

As elementary counselors we work with the child and with the teaching staff. We also consult with parents and guardians by appointment. Our professional and competent staff refer children for special services when needed or requested. We coordinate the Child Study Team Program in GradesK-5. Through the CST program we can provide early detection of problems and prompt solutions to the problem.

Our Guidance Department also coordinates Standardized Testing which includes; grades two and four – The Terra Nova Multiple assessment (Achievement Testing, grade three – The Cognitive Abilities Test and grade three – The Pennsylvania State Assessment (Reading and Math).

We take great pride in our role to promote positive social, emotional, and academic growth. In conjunction with the classroom, we promote positive school behavior and most importantly the child’s self-concept and attitudes to mature in an effort to enhance their skills to the best of their abilities.

Mrs. Cynthia Murray
Elementary Guidance Counselor
Blue Mountain Elementary East
366-1065 Ext. 5004

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