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Fall Coaching Staff
Head Coach - Jill Kerstetter
Assistant Coaches - Maura Pogirski, Jennifer Lavine and VACANT 

Cross Country
Head Coach - Tom Kanger
Assistant Coach - Kirk Mack

Head Coach - Tom Gallagher
Assistant Coaches - Aaron Bensinger, Erik Bubeck, Charles Kutz, Tom McGeoy, Harry Myers, Gerald New, John Toomey and Doug Ziegler 
JH Coaches - Kevin Kerstetter and Steve Zimmerman

Head Coach - Dr. Richard Eckert
Assistant Coach - Kyle Foster

Boys Soccer                   
Head Coach - Chris Brauer 
Assistant Coach - Ryan Brooks and DJ Burkhard
JH Coaches - Robert Antonini and Chuck Eichert   

Girls Soccer
Head Coach - Matt Kenitzer
Assistant Coach - Chris Wengert
JH Coaches - Rhoda Gerace and Isabella Montone 

Girls Tennis
Head Coach - Oscar Ney
Assistant Coach - Leslie Gumaer 

Girls Volleyball
Head Coach - Gregg Gergely
Assistant Coach - Tori Pascucci

Winter Coaching Staff
Boys Basketball 
Head Coach - Dustin Werdt 
Assistant Coaches - Doug Allen and Robert Vanhorn 
9th Grade Coach - Skylar Sheriff 

JH Coaches - Mark Fox and Peter Harding  

Girls Basketball

Head Coach - Rose Carper
Assistant Coaches - Mark Dagon and Kelly Wolfe 
JH Coaches - Paul Leonard and Kirstin Jones 

Head Coach - Alex Gosch
Assistant Coaches - William Chapman and Jim Trusky 
JH Coaches - Barry Helverson and Gary Keener

Swimming and Diving
Head Coach - Pete Sarnes
Assistant Coaches - Rebecca Donohue and Kenny Knittle
Diving Coach - Leeza Bartol

Spring Coaching Staff
Track and Field
Girls Head Coach - Paige Lurwick
Boys Head Coach - Cory Mabry
Assistant Coaches - Harry Myers, Al Yackenchick, Kirk Mack, Hunter Moyer and Tom Kanger
JH Coaches - John Carestia Jr. and Bertha Minnick 

Head Coach - Jarrod Kramer
Assistant Coaches - Jerry Freiwald, Jacob Balkiewicz and Brendan Stehr

Head Coach - Mike Rollman
Assistant Coaches - Megan Rake, Paul Leonard and Brett Matukewicz 
JH Coaches - Steph Gaddy and Mark Fox

Boys Tennis
Head Coach - Oscar Ney
Assistant Coach - Leslie Gumaer

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