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High School Athletic Physicals

Participation physical requirements - An initial pre-participation physical evaluation is required prior to an athlete participating in practices, scrimmages and or contest.  Failure to submit the pre-participation physical by the due date may deem the student ineligible to participate in the activity.  PIAA mandates athletes to complete all sections of the required CIPPE form prior to participation.  Section 7 must be completed by an authorized medical examiner.  The exam may not be performed earlier than June 1st of the current year.  The PIAA approved form may be downloaded from the link below. 


Recertification Requirements-Athletes that participated in a Fall sport and want to participate in a Winter and or Spring sport must do one of two things prior to starting the new season:

1.  if no injuries occurred during the previous season; the form titled re-certification must be completed by the parent/guardian and submitted to the athletic office by the listed deadline. 

2.  if an injury did occur during the previous season; the athlete must have the parent recertification form completed and also must have the physician who treated the injury complete the form titled physician recertification.  Both forms are attached below.  The deadline dates to submit a parent recertification and or physician recertification form for the Winter and Spring seasons can be found on the activity fee page on the Blue Mountain website under Athletics.

Failure to submit a re-certification form by the due date may deem the student ineligible to participate in the activity.

Parent Recert

Physician Clearance

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