HS: Health Services

(570) 366-0511 ext. 3

School Nurse

Mrs. Cheryl Thomas

Clerical Staff

Mrs. Victoria Dehaven

Emergency Sheets are due the1st week of school to ensure we are able to contact parents for any emergency situations and to update our records.

Medication Form – to be used for any medication that need to be taken during the school day –click link for the medication form

State Testing:

Vision – all grades

Height – all grades

Weight – all grades

Body Mass Index – all grades

Hearing Screening – done on all 11th graders and any possible students with hearing problems

Vital Signs (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Resp.) – to get ready for 11th grade and sports physical.

Physical for 11th Grade: A documented Physical examination is required by the state of Pennsylvania for all 11th grade students. This examination could be given by your family health care provider at your expense, or by our school physician, without charge, during the 11th grade scheduled physicals beginning in October. Many students at this age are required to have a physical examination for a driver’s permit or working papers during the summer months. So during March of their 10th grade school year, we hand out the State physical form in homeroom and explain the need for this form, but incase the original form is misplaced click here for the physical form.

Senior Immunization cards (Permanent Record copy) – will be given to the Seniors during Graduation practice – We suggest that you retain this with your personal records, as colleges, graduate schools, and some jobs require proof of these immunizations.