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New PowerSchool Parent Portal Login Procedure

New for the start of 2015-16 school year is a single sign-on parent portal for PowerSchool.  Parents will be able to view all children with one username and password.  To get started visit this link for the information page.  You will need your username and password used for the 2014-15 school year.

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For information regarding the Superintendent Search please visit our vacancy posting on our website under District, District Information, Vacancy Posting.


Message from Superintendent

During the past three weeks there has been the generation of considerable publicity about the results of the Pennsylvania System of State Assessments(PSSA); specifically those that were administered in the Spring of 2015. As you know students in Grades 3-8 take a PSSA in Math and English Language Arts(ELA) each year. Students in Grades 4 and 8 also take a Science assessment. Historically, students in Blue Mountain consistently achieve high scores, on a collective basis, when they take state devised and mandated tests. An example can be found in the July 26th edition of the Pottsville Republican Herald, which listed test results for the assessments administered during the 2013-14 school year. Once again we achieved the highest scores in the region, which is a tribute to both students and staff.

Recently, superintendents throughout the state received a letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Education(PDE) indicating that on a state-wide basis the results for the Math and ELA tests, which were given in the Spring of 2015, show a steep decline from previous years. In fact, the average state-wide Math scores have declined by 35.4% and the ELA scores are down by 9.4% from the previous year! I want to re-emphasize  the fact that this drop has occurred throughout the Commonwealth. Last Friday we received our results and have discovered that the state-wide trend is applicable to Blue Mountain. In this memo I will not focus on specific results; instead I will write about the causative factors and some possible outcomes.

The immediate cause, as articulated by the PDE, is two-fold; namely, the adoption and implementation of the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards, which have made the tests more difficult, and a change in the scoring mechanism, which require higher scores to reach a set level of performance. What does not seem to be a  factor of causation, at least in Blue Mountain, is the adoption of new curricular programs and/or materials. I also suspect, and this transcends any information that I have received from PDE, is that whenever new standards or practices are introduced, a concurrent drop in test scores will occur during the transitional period.

I do have some concerns and questions about the nature and makeup of the assessments. For example, we have a group of  eighth grade students who took both the PSSA Math and the Keystone Algebra 1 exams this spring. Within this group twenty-eight(28) of the forty-eight(48) students taking both assessments scored higher on the Keystone Algebra test, which is a high school assessment. One does not need to be a statistician to question the validity and reliability of the test when such results take place,

Irrespective of any concerns about the test, and despite the fact that scores have declined throughout Pennsylvania, this does not exempt us from critically analyzing the results and, if need be, developing instructional interventions and curricular adjustments to promote improvement. I have  the utmost confidence that we will meet the challenges that have arisen from the change.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Robert L. Urzillo,Ed.D.

Enrollment Information

The first day of school for the 15-16 school year is Wednesday, August 26.    In addition to the enrollment forms below, proof of birth, proof of residency and an immunization record must be provided.  Missing items will delay the enrollment of your student.

Please see the links below for the documentation that is required.

Please call the district office at 570-366-0515 ext 1062 for an appointment or for any questions.

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