Middle School Students Community Outreach Project

Mr. Thomas Bonner and Mrs. Abby Witmier have combined efforts in a cross curricular endeavor.  Please click on the links below to follow the progress their students have made.




PM Transportation Note For Friday, February 15, 2013

Busses that travel Route 183 in the PM to transport students home may be arriving a few minutes late today, due to an accident on Route 183 earlier this afternoon.

President’s Day, Monday, February 18, 2013

School will be closed on Monday, February 18, 2013 in observance of President’s Day.

Welcome to The Blue Mountain Middle School

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Blue Mountain Middle School. Our school curriculum, instruction, activities, and social events are all designed for the middle school level.
Our school is designed to offer the kind of program which will benefit the greatest number of students. It is through the interest and help of the school community that we are able to move forward in this goal. We encourage your continued support in assisting us in building a better school.

The objective of this Web Page is to help students and parents of the Blue Mountain Middle School. It is hoped that this information may be of some assistance in answering questions any parents or students may have.

If any member of our staff may render assistance concerning our program, we will gladly be of service to you. All parents are encouraged to participate in the many phases of school activities, offered at Blue Mountain Middle School. It is through parent involvement that you will gain a better knowledge of the school and its programs.

We encourage each parent and student to join the Blue Mountain Middle School Parent Teacher Organization PTO. This is an excellent opportunity for the parents, teachers, and students to work together and become more involved with their school.

BMMS Student Activities

Student activities at Blue Mountain Middle School provide opportunities for students to engage in special interests in addtion to curricular experiences.

Extracurricular Activities

Students participating in extracurricular activities are required to adhere to the rules and regulations established for each group or organization. Such rules are in addition to the general school district rules and should be published and reviewed with the students and, when appropriate, their parents. Suspension from an extracurricular activity for violation of rules or regulations established for the organization or activity is the prerogative of the advisor or coach. Expulsion from an activity may occur only after due process procedures have been followed.

Student Publications

Students have the opportunity to participate in producing two student publications. One, the Eaglet, a newspaper published every month and contains interviews, student items, and activities about Blue Mountain Middle School. The “Memory Book”, another publication, is issued at the end of the school year. This book contains the pictures of all the students and action pictures of the middle school activities.

Student Council

A student council is organized to stimulate cooperation between the students and faculty, to promote school spirit by more participation in school activities, and to help to develop better citizens for the future.

Blue Mountain Peer Helpers

A peer helper program, Peers Encouraging Peers (PEP), has been developed at Blue Mountain Middle School. The goal of PEP is to help students and recommend them to the student assistance program.

Student Activities – 9th period

Activities are organized under teacher sponsorship as the demand for an activity presents itself. Some of the activities offered are: Peer Tutoring, Swimming, Art, Chorus, Computers, Guidance, Library work, Spelling bee , Art Talented, Poster contests, Science Fair preparation, Lego team, Running club, Band, Show Choir, Drama club, Chess club, Box Top club, Johns Hopkins, and Weightlifting.

Interscholastic Sports

A comprehensive program is conducted for students at Blue Mountain Middle School.

Cross Country

Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball


Track and Field