What is New?

  The 2014 ski club season brought some new and exciting ideas including the following:

1) The origination of the idea of a ski club ski and snowboard swap event.  This will take place as a regional tent sale in October of 2014, where local ski clubs will be invited to attend and a comprehensive inventory of items will be advertised to the public for purchase. 

2) Ski and board safety instruction, provided by our own ski patrol officer from Eagle Rock Ski Resort.

3) A ski club polo shirt sale for all club members designed by a student within the art department.

4) A helmet sticker sale for all club members designed by a student within the art department.

5)  The yearbook photo was taken at the mountain on February 4th by Life Touch Photography.

6)  A new website, which contains important links for up to date ski club information!

7)  Private ski lessons provided by our own experienced chaperones within the club.

8)  The creation of a slideshow/video presentation, which will serve as a marketing tool for prospective ski club members.

9) “Early Bird” sign ups for 2015, which will provide lower prices to current ski club members and  recruits (See Parent and Students Ski Club Letter) link.

10)  Stay tuned.  More exciting ideas are on the way!!!