HS: Coaching Staff



Head Coach – Wendy Luckenbill

Assistants – Samantha Markowski and Brittany Luckenbill


Head Coach – Cory Mabry

Assistants – John Carestia, Tony Sanders, Matt Harrison, Rob Sheaffer, Nick Adams and John Boris

9th Grade – Corey Mentzer, Erik Johanson, and Mark Anthony

JH- Justin Frantz and Jeff Polinsky

Cross Country

Head Coach – Al Yackenchick

Assistant Coach – Kirk Mack

Jr. High Coach – Carrie Scheetz

Boys Soccer

Head Coach – Trevor Brown

Assistant – Chris Brauer

Jr. High Coaches – Clay Leibold and Rose Carper

Girls Soccer

Head Coach – Mike Burcik

Assistant Coach – Lisa White

JH Coaches –  Rhoda Corbacio and Kevin Gee


Head Coach – Larry Borden

Girls Tennis

Head Coach – Mark Abel

Assistant Coach – Oscar Ney

Girls Volleyball

Head Coach –  Nick Marrongelle

Assistant Coach – Angela Tobash


Boys Basketball

Head Coach – Dustin Werdt

Assistant Coach -Kyle Foster

JV Coach – Ben O’Brien

9th gr. Coach – Nate Yost

7th gr. & 8th gr. Coach –  Keith Mentzer & Mark Fox

Girls Basketball

Head Coach – Ruth Weidman

Assistant Coach – Kathy Loy

JV Coach – Jeremy Ferguson

Girls Jr. High Baskteball

8th gr. Coach – Doug Allen

7th gr. Coach – Steph Allen


Head Coach – Ross Myers

Assistant – Steve Lindenmuth and Zach Scheffler

Jr. High Coach –  Justin Berger and Kirk Dougherty

Swimming and Diving

Head Coaches – Robert Marra

Assistant – Jill Matz

Diving Coach – Paige Lurwick


 Track and Field

Girls Head Coach – Paige Lurwick

Boys Head Coach – Cory Mabry

Assistants – Harry Myers, Al Yackenchick, Corey Mentzer and Brian Miller

Jr. High Coaches – Tiffany Cresswell-Yeager and Kirk Mack


Head Coach – Tom Kramer

Assistant Varsity Coach – Bill Dobrolsky

JV Coach – Jerry Freiwald and Jarrod Kramer


Head Coach – Dillon Stein

Assistant Coaches – Megan Rake

Jr. High Coaches-  Scott Dayson & Robert Walasavage

Boys Tennis

Head Coach – Mark Abel

Assistant Coach – Oscar Ney