Provided below are activities to help students prepare for the assessments in Wonders.  Each unit contains activities on skills taught within the unit and a practice assessment.  These materials can be used in conjunction with the online resources through ConnectEd.

First Grade
Unit 3 – Cause and Effect        Sequence        Rhyme and Rhythmic Patterns
Compare and Contrast             Using Diagrams and Labels               

Unit 4 – Sequence                Point of View               Sensory Language
Main Idea and Details               

Second Grade
Unit 3 – Key Details               Main Idea and Details          Author’s Purpose
Sequence               Problem and Solution               

Unit 4 – Compare and Contrast               Key Details               Using Illustrations
Cause and Effect               Theme               Identify Plot Events
Identify Setting               Similes               Identify Character
Using Illustrations Photographs and Captions

Third Grade
Unit 3 – Using Illustrations/Images               Cause and Effect               Problem and Solution
Moral               Point of View               Main Idea and Key Details

Unit 4 – Stanzas and Line Breaks               Theme               Metaphor                Point of View
Using Illustrations/Images               Using Text Features                 Cause and Effect
Compare and Contrast

Fourth Grade
Unit 3 – Point of View                Author’s Point of View               Using Maps

Unit 4 – Cause and Effect                Point of View                Poetry
Stanzas and Line Breaks                Repetition

Fifth Grade
Unit 3 – Compare and Contrast                 Theme                 Cause and Effect
Sensory Language                 Point of View                 Main Idea and Key Details
Using Diagrams                 Personification                 

Unit 4 – Point of View                   Using Illustrations/Images                  Using a Chart
Similes                   Metaphor                   Hyperbole                    Theme