WS:BMEW Wellness

In the BMEW health room:

Below you will find information about the healthroom staff and the School Health Program.  You will also find links to the medication policy form , the Dept of Health Private Physician’s Report for Kindergarten and the Private Dental form for Kindergarten and grade 3.  In addition you will find an information sheet on Body Mass Index .

In addition we have provided a link for called FLU GUIDE that provides excellent information.


Please remember to complete your emergency information sheet at the start of the school year.  Always remember to provide updates on emergency phone numbers as well as any changes in your child’s  medical information.

Mrs. Tanya Laudenslager is the Certified School Nurse at BMEW, BMEC, and Saint Ambrose. She has been with the Blue Mountain School District since 2013. Mrs Laudenslager is an RN and received her Bachelors degree in nursing from Lycoming College and her School Nurse Certification from Alvernia.

On Wednesdays, Mrs. Laudenslager will travel to BMEC and Saint Ambrose. The BMEW health room will be staffed by Mrs Lisa March, RN.


First Aid and Emergency Care

Medication Administration

medication permit pg 1

medication permit pg 2  Needed for a student to carry his/her inhaler or epipen

Health Screens

  • Height , Weight and BMI Grades K-12

Body Mass Index – What it means

Health Counseling and Health Promotion

Treatment of Acute and Chronic Conditions

Prevention and Detection of Health Problems and Communicable Disease

Assessment for School Immunizations

Maintenance of School Health Records

Wellness Resources

Tips for Families