HS: Library Procedures

Student Rules and Regulations

  1. Students must secure a pass in order to come to the high school library
    • Study hall – Passes may be secured from the study hall teacher.
    • Ninth period – Passes must be secured from Mr. Buchman.
  2. When reporting to and upon leaving the library, students must sign in and out of the daily attendance sign in/out binder and stamp all passes.
  3. When students utilize the library, they must remain quietly working.
    • Note: The library is not simply a hangout spot to talk with friends.
  4. Gum, food items and drinks are prohibited in the library at all times.
  5. Students are not permitted to go to their lockers while in the library.
  6. Students must have permission from a faculty member to use the library computers for any reason (Internet, Word processing, etc.)
    • Computer permission forms can be secured from the basket at the front of the circulation desk at any time throughout the day.
    • After reporting to the library, students must log in, place signed forms in the blue baskets next to each computer and log off.
  7. All students must have their handbooks filled out and signed in order to use the lavatory. One student is allowed to go at any given time.
  8. The library office area is off limits to all students at all times. Ask the librarian or library aid for information from the doorway of the office.
  9. Students must remain in the main area of the library for daily work.  Use of the side rooms is intended solely for research purposes only.
  10. Students must report back to their homerooms or study halls with five minutes remaining in the period. Students are not permitted to leave for their next class directly from the library at any given time.

Penalty and Consequence Chart

All penalties and consequences for violations within the high school library are in alignment with the Blue Mountain High School student handbook. The library discipline code operates on a three strike and you’re out system. See the chart below for consequences of violations.

Penalty Chart

First Incident: Verbal warning plus one week suspension from the library for any study hall attendance or voluntary student attendance.

Second Incident: One month suspension from the library for any study hall or voluntary student attendance. Also, there will be a write up for a detention/suspension, which is dependent upon the nature of the incident.

Third Incident: One year suspension from the library for any study hall or voluntary student attendance. Also, there will be a write up for a detention/suspension, which is dependent upon the nature of the incident.
All penalties will be dependent upon the nature of the incident.  Furthermore, each penalty is certainly subject to change upon the librarian’s and administrator’s view of the incident. All library rules can be found on page 14 of the Blue Mountain high school student handbook.
NOTE: The above mentioned chart does not apply to mandatory student attendance when a class is required to attend the library with a teacher.

PDF Version of Library Procedures