About B.M.A.A


How it began…   For years many Blue Mountain community members recognized the need to establish an association to connect the thousands of alumni of the Blue Mountain School District.   On January 22, 2015 after many meetings and extensive planning, the Blue Mountain School Board acknowledged the Blue Mountain Alumni Association as the alumni/community entity of the Blue Mountain School District in support of the collaboration of the Association with the District to develop and promote Alumni support of the district.

Articles of Incorporation for the Non-profit Corporation — Blue Mountain Alumni Association were filed with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on February 14, 2015.  The B.M.A.A.  officially arrived!

As the first order of business, the Board of the Blue Mountain Alumni Association adopted a mission to champion a life-long relationship between the Blue Mountain School District and its alumni.  Regular board meetings and committee meetings were initiated to advance this mission.   BMAA volunteers created a web page linked to the district and will continue to build and expand a network of contacts to connect fellow alumni.  By sharing news and information, the organization aims to  preserve and celebrate heritage, traditions and memories of the Blue Mountain School District and its alumni..

The BMAA logo arose out of a contest held in the spring of 2015.  Nathan Meyers of Orwigsburg, a senior at BMHS at the time, won the logo contest with his concept drawing of an eagle with wings spread wide and talons gripping a banner.  The concept was developed into the final logo seen on our web pages.  Inspired by Nate Meyers’ concept drawing, BMAA sends these words to all proud graduating seniors:  As you receive your high school diploma from the Blue Mountain School District, you earn your wings as a Blue Mountain alumnus and are forever a part of our proud heritage!