2017-2018 Elementary Dress Code Changes

Blue Mountain School District has approved revisions to the dress code guidelines.  There are different changes at the elementary and secondary levels.  A summary of the changes and links for the full listings of the dress code guidelines for each level are provided below.


Elementary Dress Code Changes (Kindergarten – Grade 5):

  • Florescent and neon apparel is permitted.
  • Tops and bottoms do not need to be solid color (stripes, plaid, patterns, etc. are permitted).
  • Blue jeans are permitted.
  • All Blue Mountain apparel may be worn over a regulation shirt.
  • Hooded sweatshirts are permitted over a regulation shirt (Hoods on tops may not be worn on the head in the building).
  • Appropriately placed designer names, emblems, or manufacturers’ logos are permitted on all apparel.
  • Reimbursement for dress code policy clothing will no longer be available.

*Reminder – Leggings may not be worn separately as dress policy bottoms but may be worn under dress code appropriate skirts.

Elementary Dress & Grooming