Budget Update (No tax increase for a fourth consecutive year)

The Blue Mountain Board of School Directors approved a tentative budget for the 2017-18 School Year and placed it for review on May 18, 2017. The budget will be formally adopted at the June Board Meeting scheduled for June 22, 2017. This budget calls for a 0% increase in property taxes (for a fourth consecutive year). The Budget is the result of the collective efforts of the Board and entire staff of the school district. It effectively addresses significant increases in state mandated retirement contributions in the sum of $478,000 and increases in healthcare costs in the sum of $531,000. In addition, it also includes the estimated reduction in state reimbursement for transportation costs of $161,500. The district, while facing increased operating costs and decreases in state and federal subsidies, has been able to: 

  • Significantly upgrade the wireless infrastructure and increase the available internet bandwidth
  • Provide almost 700 new laptops and tablets to students
  • Work collaboratively with business and post-secondary institutions to enhance our curriculum, course offerings and graduation requirements
  • Complete significant curriculum work for the entire K-12 educational program
  • Increase the number of students attending the STC
  • Implement a new language arts series at the elementary level

These accomplishments are the result of collective efforts of the Board, staff and stakeholder groups within the community.